An Exhibit That Peers Into The Past

Rockhounds is a new exhibit directly from the minds of the Pennsylvania College of Technology. The event will be hosted, on June 10th, by the Madigan Library and is the first such event of its kind!

Rockhounds is a one day exhibit that will feature geological items ranging from rocks to minerals to fossils!

Be sure to visit the exhibit page. There you will find in-depth information about the upcoming rockhound exhibit.

Current News & Updates


The rockhounds exhibit was a resounding success!

We thank you all for making this a big hit. The exhibit had such a good response that we have decided to host it again in the future!

Be sure to stay tuned, in the coming weeks & months, for news and updates on any future rockhound news and events!


Only 4 more days till the opening of the rockhounds exhibits!

As a Reminder, the main exhibit will be on display from 10:30 till 9:00 on June 10th. The main event will be from 5:30 till 7:30; you can come to meet the people who helped to make this exhibit possible!


The exhibits section of the website is now live!

Be sure to check out the new area of the site as it will give you more information about the upcoming exhibit.


Attention! The Madigan Library has just released a sneak preview of some of the items that you will find in the exhibit. These items will be on display for a limited time so hurry up! They are located in one of the Madigan Library's display cases; you can find out exactly where by asking someone at the Circulation Desk!


Welcome everyone! Today is the day that we officially roll out the rockhounds website! Be sure to check back often for updates and information.

We plan on having a great exhibit and we plan to make this first event of its kind an exciting and interesting one! I know a few of you out there may be wondering what we have in the exhibit... I don't want to reveal too much information but let's say that we have some rare and very interesting items, possibly even prehistoric in nature even!


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"With their four-dimensional minds, and in their interdisciplinary ultraverbal way, geologists can wiggle out of almost anything."- Heraclitus

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