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"Staying ahead of the game"

Welcome To The Twitter Universe

A project based on the twitter search api.

  • TwitterUniverse Twitteruniverse

    The twitteruniverse is a project which I created to show live search results based on the twitter search API and what the user entered. It was recently updated to incorporate bubbles which are tied to the tweets to create a more personable atmosphere instead of simply showing tweets.

    1. Users can choose to clear bubbles whenever they like
    2. Clicking on a bubble will take the users to twitter and show that bubbles tweet
    3. If there are no current tweets to show the site will sit in the background and occasionally ping twitter to see if there were any new posts based on the search string.
    4. User can create a URL link to share. An example would be http://twitteruniverse.com/?search=%23NASA

    The site has been met with excitement and accolades for how it operates and flows for the user.

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I Pity The Foal

What happens when a minotaur, from a popular kids show, gets his own website? Well I for one think it will contain a lot of pity!

  • Iron Will Iron Will shall PITY you!

    This site was based off of the character called "Iron Will" from the series "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Iron Will was actually loosely based off of "Mr. T" and his famous one liner "I Pity The Fool!" He was featured in the episode "Putting your hoof down" and gave Mr. T's a twist by saying "I Pity The Foal!"

    1. Placing "I Pity The FOAL!" on the page dynamically word by word. The jquery/javascript monitors the windows size and adjusts placement of the font depending on how much screen it has to work with.
    2. Custom form with required fields to contact 'Iron Will'.
    3. Pre-checking of the available window space before loading the site image. It will reduce or increase the sites image of 'Iron Will' depending on how much window space it has to work with. This ensures relatively consistent results amongst computer screens and devices.
    4. Inclusion of the original video that sits in a dynmaic div which floats in the center of the user's screen even when they scroll.
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Personal Art Gallery

An experiment in building a dynamic art gallery.

  • Dynamic GalleryPersonal Art Gallery Experiment

    My "Personal Art Gallery" was an attempt to make a dynamic website that would allow me to showcase all my artwork in a typical thumbnail style layout.


    1. CSS3 driven effects on image mouse over.
    2. Images and names are read from the folder of which they are located in and the filename each image is given. No database required.
    3. Site detects your window size and determines how many initial images to load based on your window size.
    4. Site will dynamically load more images when you scroll down to the bottom of the page. This will continue until there are no more images.

    The site utilizes an installed thumbnail server script that will take the actual images and place them on the gallery page as a thumbnail of a given maxheight/width.

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Sortable Tiles

Playing with creating tiles that are interchangable and swapable.

  • Dynamic GalleryPersonal Art Gallery Experiment

    "Sortable Tiles" was simple a fun experiment to see if I could create a grouping of tiles that a users can sort by dragging and dropping next to or over another tile.


    1. CSS3 driven effects on image mouse over.
    2. Site uses Jquery to detect when a user drags an element "tile" over another tile or to the right or left of the tile.
    3. Dragging and dropping over a tile will swap the dragged and dragged over tiles positions.
    4. Draggins and dropping a tile to the left (or the right) of a tile will place the dragged tile at that position.
    5. Would be great connected to a database that allows users to sort/order their galleries or perhaps as a puzzle that people can assemble!

    The page also utilizes an installed thumbnail server script that will take the actual images and place them on the gallery page as a thumbnail of a given maxheight/width.

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