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"Building the BEST!"

Wildcat Comic-Con 2012

A site which hosts central PA's first major Comic-Con!

  • WildCat ComicCon Wildcat comiccon

    Wildcat comiccon is a site built for Pennsylvania college of technologies and central Pennsylvania's very first comic con! The site work was split up amongst me and one other colleague. I handled the front end development/design and my colleague handled the database and query connections that feed the site. I designed the character and banner as well as nearly all of the artwork for the site.

    1. Dynamic "Events" page that allows fans to filter events through various options.
    2. Css3 controlled spotlights helps to add impact to the site
    3. Blimp with both css3 styles and jquery/JavaScript that follows the users mouse. This was used as a countdown clock as well as to add atmosphere to the site.

    The event had guests speakers attending from Walter Koenig (Star Trek's Chekhov) to DeviantArt's administrator Ron Martino and deviant mega user yuumei.

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A site that brings the past to the present

  • Rockhounds Rockhounds

    A simple site that was built be the main site for a small geological/dinosaur related exhibit. Everything from T-Rex segments to meteorites were shown at this exhibit. Though it lasted only one day, the exhibit brought in a couple hundred people.

    1. YouTube feed database that used JavaScript to dynamically load videos when a user selected one.
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The Madigan Library

Pennsylvania College of Technology's Premiere Library.

  • Madigan Library Madigan Library

    The Madigan Library is the main site that I maintain at my current place of employement. This site is the main site for students to use to access the following services.

    1. The library catalog
    2. Course guides for classes
    3. Subject guides
    4. Databases for research purposes

    The Madigan Library is an integral unit of the Pennsylvania College of Technology as it services the entire student body (6000+) and is heavily used for studying, tests, and other college related materials.

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